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  2012.02.23  01.19


That's right! It's been 2 years, so it's time for another update!

Let's see... um... Dad died in July of 2010. Sad times, sad times. On the upside, the flowers/plants we were sent ARE STILL ALIVE! They is hardy little things.

I got a new car. In Feb? March? of 2010, I crashed my car into a tree during a snow storm. I was absolutely fine. My car was ok, but the damage would've cost more to fix than the car was worth. I bought an orange VW Beetle. Horrible in the winter, but manohman, it's fucking GODLY to drive in the spring/summer/fall!

My BFF is getting married this year. We both decided that even tho I'm her BFF, I'd make a shitty MoH. I don't know crap on how to arrange a wedding or such. Too much responsibility for me. Jackie (mutual friend) will be doing that. Thank goodness!

My Wii is gone. Where did it go? Well, aforementioned BFF wanted to "try it out". Y'know, see if she'd play it enough to warrant getting one herself. Yeeeeeeeeeeaaahhh... It's been at her house ever since. I'm just gonna let her have it as a wedding present.

Looking forward to planned trips to DC and Rhinebeck. EEE! So much fun! Also, thinking about getting this. It's ex-pen-sive, but oh my god gorgeous!

Well, see you all in another 2 years... if the apocalypse doesn't eat us all! XD

Mood: chipper

  2010.01.30  19.38
Eheheheh~ ^_^;;

Well... I decided to comment on Mala's LJ post so I had to log in. Then I had to look at my last post. 2 years ago???? Damn. @_@ I can't believe I've had my Wii for 2.5 years. HELL! I can't believe I've had my CAR for that long too!

Well, I did switch my insurance. I don't pay an insane amount, but I've got to look at getting less coverage. He's gonna be 8 years old, my little car....

We moved out to the rez after my dad's first stroke so he could live somewhere wheelchair accessible. That didn't last long. 9_9; *sigh* (Him living here, that is.)

Weirdness! I'm going out to Maryland Sheep and Wool Fest again!! My BFF Nina has a friend who will let us spend the night in her guest room so we don't even have to pay for a hotel! YAAAYYY!

Other than that, not much to report. Lots of small things happened that are too inconsequential to mention. Like my car not starting today because IT WAS FUCKING COLD AS HELL! My mom's car won't start either. XD

Don't expect me to post again anytime soon. XD

Over and out!

Mood: dorky

  2007.07.08  17.15
Woah... O_o

Mala and I were talking about LJ and how neither of us post here much. ^^; Since she updated her journal with what's happened recently, I figure I should too.

Hmm.. my mom got laid off. She couldn't seem to get a job, so she officially retired. My brother moved to North Carolina for a year, then moved back. He's moved again, but much closer to home. LOL!

Oh! I bought a car. 2002 Dodge Stratus. I lack credit, so I just paid for it in full. XP Insurance is expensive. I just got what I could since I didn't have time to shop around, so I've got to do that now. Shopping for car insurance is boring stuff. XP

Umm... I went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival last month. It took me 5 hours to drive down there, but I had lots of fun. I only got semi-lost once. (I was on the right track, I just didn't go far enough) I was too cheap to stay in a hotel, so I just drove back home. XD

OH! I gots a Wii. It's quite fun. X3

Mood: bouncy

  2006.02.15  21.38

Sara poked me. I lead an unadventurous life. Only thing I have to say is that I get a lot of knitting done. ^^; I bought more yarn today and have these super pretty knitting needles on the way.

Where the hell is my Karaoke Revolution Party? It's been 10 days. I demand my videogame! >O

Yes, I'm rambling. =D

Mood: silly

  2004.11.21  01.47
Hope this isn't too long...

More about meCollapse )
Looks like I was able to do an LJ cut. Yay me! ~_^

Mood: bouncy

  2004.08.15  16.25
Been a while!

Well, I went on vacation on Thursday. I ended up going to Six Flags Darien Lake, but when I got there, I found out the Superman Ride of Steel coaster was down. ;_; Well, there wasn't much else to do with my favorite coaster down, so I went on the other coasters (yes, I'm a coaster fanatic) and decided to brave the wave pool.

Not the best idea. ^^;

When I got there, it was about 68 degrees and overcast. Darien Lake, despite their claims that they heat their water... do not. >_< It's so sad when you get OUT of the water to warm up. Well, still some time left in the day, so we went to Niagara Falls, got a hotel room, and took pics of the Falls at night (oh... we went to Seneca Niagara Casino too.)

The next day, we got up early, ventured over into Canada (got hassled about not having a passport and not being able to use our drivers license as proof of residency.) We went to Casino Niagara, WWE Store, Hershey Store (mmm... Hershey Hot Chocolate w/whipped cream), and some sorta Marvel Comics Store. It ended up raining quite hard and we had no way to get back to the car without getting totally soaked. We did, however, find some cheap raincoats that said "Niagara Falls" all over it and when we got back to the car (YAAAYY! We're DRY!!), some guy paid me $2 canadian for both raincoats. =D (unfortunately, I still have the $2 in my pocket. I wish he had given me 8 canadian quarters instead of $1 coins. The quarters may be canadian, but they're still accepted as $.25 here. Not quite sure if I can spend the $1 coins. I'll probably have to exchange them at the bank now that I'm home. -_-;)

Anyone want to see me standing at the Falls? ^^;

Mood: pleased

  2004.06.03  18.23
I'm so sick of this...

I figure this is the best place to vent. >_>

Ever run into someone who, instead of straight out telling you what they want or don't want, they come up with excuse after excuse after excuse of why they can't have it? My father is one such person. Instead of just coming out and saying "Hey. I don't want that." which would be totally acceptable, he comes out with "Oh. I can't have that because the landlord has to comply with the state and the state has lots of laws that if I break, I get thrown in jail."

Now here's the million dollar question: How can a kitten get you thrown into jail? Short of abusing it, killing it, or doing other illegal things to it, it's not. It's a cat. Not a tiger or python. It's not some rare exotic dangerous animal. It's a common household pet. And it's not like the landlord doesn't accept pets either. The neighbors have 2 cats and we moved in with his full knowledge that we had 3 (now down to 1). So it's not even an issue about the landlord.

Ok, I get that he's still upset over the last cat's death. It hit me pretty badly. But really... all he has to say is "I. Don't. Want. One." Period. Y'know what? It's understandable. He doesn't need to come up with an hour's worth of bullshitting about state/county laws to justify not getting a cat.

Pisses me off. Just tell the truth.

Mood: pissed off

  2004.05.05  20.58
Yee HAW!

I had an..... odd day. XD It started off normally enough. I got some money out so I could have breakfast. When I got on campus, I saw a bunch of tents. Usually they advertise out the ying yang when they're gonna do something like this. But I didn't hear anything about it.

Well, they had Dinosaur BBQ cooking (which, BTW, is THE BEST place for BBQ food here) and it smelled oh-so-yummy. YAAAYY!! Good free food!

When class was over, I zipped on out to get my free food and gorged til I was round. XD Afterwards, I um.... kinda hurt my leg bullriding. XD!!!!

So now I'm limping around (my leg huuuurts~), but it was all fun. I love when they give out free food. *-*

Mood: rejuvenated

  2004.05.03  23.43

Your True Nature by llScorpiusll
The quality that most appeals to you:Intelligence
In a survival situation, you:Run like hell
Your hidden talent is:Spiritual wisdom
Your gift is:A loving heart
In groups, you:Are the center of attention
Your best quality is:Your creativity
Your weakness is:Your antisocial nature
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

I liked the one Hono took about Hogwarts, but since it said I dated Lily Potter.... o_o; It also said I was good at Quidditch. Guess she likes them hot quidditch players. XD!!!!!

On a totally different topic, I got my big paper back. I'm really quite happy about it. I got an A-! I only really had 1 error throughout it (and since it was a repeative error, it only counted once), so that was the only part taken off. He asked for notes that we used to write our paper, but I never write notes. I just sit there with my sources scattered about and write/edit until it's finished (saving every once in a while in case it crashes, of course). So I didn't hand any notes in. Guess I got lucky. ^^;;;

Mood: cheerful

  2004.04.24  15.55
Yikes... o_o;

I had a big project due. In true Nabs fashion... I put it off to the last minute. XD I hate to say it, but I was stressing over this for a while. It didn't help that I got sick on Sunday on into Monday (VERY SICK) and dizzily trudged into class hoping I wouldn't embarass myself by hurling myself face first into the garbage can at the front of the classroom. >_<

Anyhoo... I started my project on Thursday, slept for an hour and a half, woke up and worked until 4pm. Then I cursed like a sailor because I forgot to use spellcheck before I printed it. XD I went to bed early and woke up at 3:30 in the morning to find my back spazzing out. o_O Seems I worried a bit too much about this and all that stress caught up to me by giving me the world's worst backache. @_@

I really shouldn't procrastinate... but I hate doing big research projects! ;_;

Mood: relaxed

  2004.04.06  14.34

I downloaded the 15 day trial of Ragnarok Online, but... well, I have NO idea what the hell I'm doing. People going around calling me "Novie". ^^; I think I'm some sort of Acolyte. Dunno. This game confuses me. T^T

Mood: confused

  2004.04.01  11.18
April Fools Day..

I had this idea to make my website look a little... hacked. ^^; Also decided to do the same thing to my oekaki board. But I kinda realized... I probably F***ed up my account in the process. XD!!! Oh well... If worst comes to worst, I'll just delete the damn thing again and claim it really was hacked. 9_9;; It's not like alot was on there just yet. ^^;;;

Ahhh... I'm such a baka. XD

Mood: giggly

  2004.03.25  15.29

My kitty was put to sleep today. The vet called and said her little heart was twice the size of normal. I took off and spent the day with my best friend. When her dog died, she spent the day with me. I figured getting out was a good idea. If I think too long on it, I end up crying again. Makes it difficult to sleep because when I close my eyes, there's nothing TO do but think. *sigh* I'm really tired.

Mood: drained

  2004.03.25  08.01

Probably the most I've ever posted in a week.

The cat's back at the vet's. I cried for 2 hours straight yesterday. Uncontrollably. I probably overreacted. I was exhausted mentally and physically. I still am. I think I got a total of 2 hours of interrupted sleep. I kept waking up when I'd hear a noise. Need sleep. Need tissues too. Ugh.. feel like crying again. Decided to keep a glass of water in my room. I'm probably dehydrated or something.

Mood: exhausted

  2004.03.24  05.43

Although this is mostly written to Hono to let her know everything's ok... it's pretty much an explaination to everyone.

About 3am this morning, my dad called me in saying the cat was making funny noises. She hadn't been feeling well all day. She was kinda lethargic and when she's usually bouncing her way to the food dish, she didn't want to move at all. I figured she was just a little under the weather, but it's a little more serious.

We decided to take her to the emergency room. When we got there, we were waiting for the vet to arrive. She really kinda freaked me out because just 30 seconds before the vet arrived, her breathing slowed ALOT. He wisked her off for some oxygen and xrays. He came back a little later and said she was showing signs of feline asthma. He said if we had waited any longer, she would've died. Right now, I'm waiting at home before transferring her to her normal vet. She needs to be on oxygen a little more.

I'll update this later when I learn more. My kitty's alright for now.

Mood: stressed

  2004.03.20  02.47

Well... several things happened over the last couple of days. I got my angelic sash. ^_^ My offer was, at most, 84k. I was surprised because they easily sell for over 100k. o_o

I also got my site working. I emailed them and they decided I was stupid and mailed me back the information. ¬_¬ Alot of good that did. >/ I ended up calling them up and guess what... THEY GAVE ME THE WRONG USERNAME. >_< Baka. See? I'm not the dumbass. I spent from 2am - 7am uploading up site and of course... I had to relearn how to set up my oekaki board using mySQL.

What a day.

Mood: tired

  2004.03.10  00.08

Well, I said I was going to try to post more and well... I haven't. ^^;;

Yesterday, I had a small bout of depression. I'd eat chocolate, read sappy romance manga, talked to friends... nothing really worked for long. My little bouts of depression usually last anywhere from 5 minutes to a couple of hours and happen every few months. Never anything serious, but still... sucks to be blue.

Today, tho... I'm quite happy and back to normal (or whatever passes for normal in this place) ~_^ My domain seems to have linked to ipowerweb, but I still can't log in. I think I'll wait a few more days and if I still can't log in, I'll contact them. I was really very stressed about this yesterday.

Congrats to Mala who got her angelic sash. Sorry I was such a downer. ;_; *will try hard for hers... 4k more!*

Mood: chipper

  2004.03.03  10.38

Well, some of you may already know, but on Monday, I slipped and fell down a very muddy hill. Embarassing enough as it was, I think I probably broke something. My arm has been feeling.... bad. I can barely push open any doors with my right arm. I figure it's probably a cracked bone or something light because there's no swelling. And other than the soreness and weakness, there's nothing really wrong. Maybe I'm just overreacting. It's just that I've broken bones before and this is usually a sign.

Don't really want to go to the hospital either. I can't find my insurance card and I don't want to pay for xrays out of pocket.

It was awful humiliating to walk home covered in mud on my whole right side. ^^;;;

Mood: embarrassed

  2004.01.06  00.15
This post is for Kiro...

You are right! Therefore, my New Year's resolution shall be...


To post more often! XD


  2004.01.01  23.00

I realized I haven't written an entry in a long time. So this post is to make up for it. ~_^

I went out for New Years. A very different change from what I normally do *cough*sitinfrontofthecomputer*cough* ¬_¬ and I had a good time. ^_^

I didn't get alot for christmas. I got 5 DVDs, a glass caligraphy set (it's sooo pretty!), 3 boxes of pocky, a pair of socks (so soft!) and 2 t-shirts.

I've got a 3 foot pile of laundry that needs to be put away. And I really gotta put up the new calendar, but it's really huge. Not looking forward to doing these things.

I haven't made any New Year's resolutions, but there are things I hope to happen in the coming year. Things I'd rather not put here in case the wrong person reads it and teases me mercilessly. ^_^;;

Mood: restless

  2003.08.19  04.29

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:shippou
Your haiku:ever just look at
yourself in the mirror and
think oh my god you
Created by Grahame

Fits so well unfortunatly. >_>;

Also, be disturbed. Be VERY disturbed....

<td bgcolor="#000000">LJ username</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA"></td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">HP lover</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Trevor </td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Outcome</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">He/She fucked the sheets </td></tr>
Which HP character shagged you while you were sleeping? by passo
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Mood: weird

  2003.08.02  16.39
Owooooo.... *pant pant*

Got my yummy yummy douga in (see? I remember what they are now) the mail today. EEEEKKK!!! So excited! ^_^ 2 very gorgeous douga from the series Wolf's Rain. *swoon*

Click to see bigger images. ^_^

Image will only appear if you view Shippou&apos;s LJ

Image will only appear if you view Shippou&apos;s LJ

Mood: ecstatic

  2003.07.31  19.42
Happy Birfday, HP!

Bah.. been a long time since I've updated my LJ. Anyhoo... not alot of big stuff, but quite a few small things have happened.

I got a new computer chair which I desperately needed. It's suede. It's trendy. It's PURPLE! *-* I ended up taking it back 2 times (first time the chair came with no screws. Second time, the back was ripped. So I took the screws from the 2nd chair and had them give me back the first. >_<)

2nd is I got my confirmation back from Anime-Museum that they've gotten my money order and will be sending me my... (WAIIII!!!) Genga. (or are they douga? Dammit. Should know the difference by now). Don't want to say what they are from so I don't jinx myself, only wanna say that they are AMAZING! Wait until you see!!! OMG... *sigh* EEEE!!! Still so happy about it!!! Can't believe I got 'em! I'll post 'em up when I get them. I soooo cannot wait!

Mood: hot

  2003.05.11  00.34
Looking in the mirror

Ever just look at yourself in the mirror and think "Oh.... my.... god! You look like a sausage!" Yeah, that happened to me today. I can't believe I never really looked at myself. I always gave myself little excuses. "It's not THAT bad... everyone's a little fat." "You wear it well 'cause you're tall."

Well, no more. I can't stand the way I look. I can't excuse it away anymore. I look nasty as hell. So, I decided to buckle down and start a diet/exercise plan. I'm going to ride my bike for a hour (weather permitting) and eat less. I even started today. For lunch, a bowl of soup and a salad. For dinner, 2 cheese sandwiches (and a breakfast bar). I even went out and rode my bike even tho I was dead tired.

I really look nasty. I hope I can stick with this. I totally need to lose weight. 6_6;

Mood: hungry

  2003.05.02  02.36
Hack sign?

Ekun's giving me "hints" to update my journal.

[E-kun] it's been almost a month since you've last posted on your livejournal o.o
[Nabs-chan] 6_6;;
[Nabs-chan] I lead an uneventful life.
[E-kun] hehe
[E-kun] it matters not! you can talk about the hacker @.@
[Nabs-chan] LOL

What hacker? Oh, it's nothing really important. I have an access restricted part of my site that houses some uh... scans. Yeah... scans. Some idiot decided to try to hack it and put in a password 89 times in 2 minutes. Really odd stuff. >_> <_< Yare yare... Today was also the first day my mom's been well enuff to go back to work. So... my very first day free, not having to get up at 8am to drive my bro to school and my mom to the therapist's to have her wrist stretched, what do I do? ... I clean my room. ¬_¬; ;_; I'm so used to being up and about now that I can't sleep til noon like I used to! Damn you, fucked up sleep schedule! Damn you to hell! *sob*

Mood: awake

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